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    Health, Happiness & Socialization for your dog
    Love, Safety & Reliability for you!

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    Your dog enjoys off-leash walks in McLaren park & Fort Funston for 60+ minutes.

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Welcome to SF Dog Walker, because a tired dog is a good dog!
My dog walking service targets the following benefits to you both:

Dog Services

Dog walking is my focus, with some conveniences available
  • Dog walking

    My dog walking involves:

    • Pick up - Actual pick-up is within two hours of the estimate, certified by time-stamped receipt.
    • Transportation - Your dog commutes in an insulated van to the park, rather than on busy sidewalks.
    • Off-leash walk - Off-leash walking, running and socializing last 60+ minutes at McLaren or Funston parks.
    • Delivery - Delivery is within two hours of the estimate, including a time-stamp.
    • Route - My routes are stable and public, safe and natural, as are my biodegradable bags.
    dog walking
  • Dog boarding

    I board dogs in my home, at most two at a time.

    The home is quiet, clean, warm and loving, unlike impersonal kennels that simply pack and stack numbers in crates.

    Included with dog boarding are: free pick up and delivery, feeding, potty breaks, and one group dog walk - 60+ minutes of leash in a park.

    dog sitting

Referred Services

Should your dog require any other service, whether health insurance, veterinary, or grooming, I am glad to recommend good options for your criteria. I do not take any compensation for such recommendations.


  • "Stephanie is the best dog walker I've ever had. Highly recommended!"Alice A. - January 1, 2013
  • "Wow ... it's all I can say. My mutt just joined Stephanie's group and is so much happier now. A+ all the way."Robert B. - September 13, 2012
  • "Delivers a great service, have been with her for two years, always flexible and dependable."Rosa Z. - June 10, 2012
  • "Stephanie really understands my dog and is so reliable, I can focus on my priorities other than Rover. Would recommend to a friend."Lucy K. - May 22, 2012


The love is free

Dog walker

$22-$26 per walk

Your dog's walks feature:

  • 60+ minutes off-leash in Funston or McLaren
  • time stamped pick up & drop off
  • insulated van, biodegradable bags, doggy treats
  • $26 if 2-3x, $24 if 4x, $22 if 5x, per week; $40 on weekends

Potty break

$30 per break

My mutt needs a potty break!

  • walked enough to induce pottying
  • fed a meal
  • for when you run late

  • available 9am - 9pm

Dog boarding

$70 per day

Your dog's boarding features:

  • loving, quiet, warm home with one-on-one attention
  • 60+ minutes off-leash in Funston or McLaren
  • potty breaks & play time

  • pick up & drop off with group

Long term boarding

sliding scale

Your pooch can live with me:

  • loving, quiet, warm home with one-on-one attention
  • 60+ minutes off-leash in Funston or McLaren, daily
  • potty breaks & play time

  • 3 days $200, 7 days $420


I'd love to hear from you!


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